New Hope for Cambodian Children
Through our founder, Christine Caridi, Food Thing is partnering with an orphanage in Cambodia. The orphanage is called New Hope for Cambodian Children (NHCC) because it does just that. It provides a home and education to almost 300 children in Cambodia living with HIV. Full details of the origins of NHCC and the work it does can be found on their website -

Like all charities in the developing world, NHCC relies on donations to survive. This is where we need your support. Whilst cash donations are always welcomed, what Food Thing is seeking in support of NHCC are educational materials to help their school with both the academic and personal development of the children. These could be anything from books and flashcards to white boards, but at the moment the priorities are:

  • Back-packs
  • New or usable laptops or tablets
  • Tin Whistles or Recorders (or any other musical instrument that can be shipped easily to Cambodia)

If you able able to donate any of these items, please contact us.

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