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Welcome to Food Thing!

Food Thing Network is an alternative, sustainable, healthy Food Co-op that distributes mostly perishable food at various locations throughout the week.

***Voted a Top Food and Shelter non-profit 2 years in a row!

We are committed to healthy living, healthy eating and ending hunger without creating the typical culture of dependence and without the stigma of a “hand-out” program.       

Volunteering: We believe that people in need are best served when they contribute their time and talents to better themselves and others.

Our Mission is to provide mostly organic healthy food to seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and those struggling to make ends meet! Our unique Co-op minimizes waste, and significantly blurs the line between the “have and the have nots."  

As members, we contribute our labor - working together builds trust through teamwork and enables us to keep fees low for participants. We ask for a nominal fee for our food to support our operation, which receives no government funding.  

We respect the environment.                           

Most of our food is “rescued” in that our use of it keeps from being wasted and taking up space in a landfill.   We strive to reduce the impact of our lifestyles on the world we share with other species and future generations. We prefer to accept donations from local, earth-friendly producers and retailers. We recycle. We lead by example, educating ourselves and others about health, nutrition, cooperation and environment. 

We are committed to diversity and equality.

We oppose discrimination of any form. We strive to make Food Thing Network welcoming and accessible to all and to respect the viewpoints, needs and concerns of all members. We seek to maximize participation at every level, from policy making to running the food distributions.  We welcome others who also share these values.            

Food Thing Network is part of New Community Counseling and Ministries, a 501(c)(3) organization.  New Community Ministries was rated a top non-profit in 2010 and 2011. 

Here are a few testimonies written by those we serve:

“We were out of work when my friend introduced us to this program. We were a bit shy at first as it was hard to accept help. But new community ministries members made us feel very comfortable..."        Naperville Mom

"The help of New Community and Food Thing Network has been an incredible blessing to my family the past few months. With my husband being out of work most of this year we had exhausted all other financial resources and were about to wonder where our next week's food would come from. Thankfully, NCCM was there to supply an enormous box of food each week for a nominal fee. The food has been so abundant our fridge and freezer are filled to the brim. The volunteers have always been kind, friendly and helpful. Thanks to NCCM and Food Thing, we have a place to go when we are in a tight financial spot and know we never have to worry about putting food on the table for our family."    Aurora, IL

"I really enjoy working with the groups of people that give there time to help others in need. Getting to know people joining together for a common goal of helping our neighbors not only puts food on the tables of those in need or down on there resources, but I truly believe it helps the rest of us open our hearts and minds to each other, where we might not get an opportunity to realize what the really important things are in our own lives, and the lives of others from different walks of life that we work hand in hand with. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to experience the impact of the Food Thing each week!"  Lisle, IL                                             

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